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Subject: CH on CW - come on over!

Message: It is sad to read all the messages in this thread.
I sure hope we can figure out a way to keep people on the road and putting out counties. I do what I can to support mobiles: I spot whenever I make a contact that is not already spotted. (I'd do it more often, if you mobiles could just refrain from starting before 1700Z, when I get to my desk. HI HI)
I am fortunate: I only do CW, so I never experienced the SSB NC issues. All the CW ops I have worked have been talented and courteous. And I set up my desk to have a browser window open to and my panadapter showing 14.056.5. My desk space even has a little bit of room left over for a keyboard and a pile of work paper. :-}
So please, keep running counties. And maybe consider coming over to the Dark Side with CW - any speed will do just fine.
I'll be listening for you, and give you a "TU es 73" at the end of the QSO. And then I'll spot you.

Call: AG6V 11/18/2019

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