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Subject: Logger Information

Message: I hope to give some tips that you may or may not be aware of. Perhaps you did not receive a reply to your LC1 or LC2 submission, or you have doubts that it was ever processed. However, it may already be in the awards database. The ideal thing to do is wait until the current awards are processed. You can check on the latest processing date by going to >Logger > Update, and log in to see the current date. Then if it still does not appear to have been processed, send an email to the awards secretary and I will check it out. So how can you determine if the award was processed? Go to, click on County Hunter Database. Go to the menu item on the right side of the selections “Last County Lookup” enter the callsign you want to check on. If it is listed with your callsign, then all is well. If it is not listed, then there is a problem and you need you to let me know. Another tip: bring up your logger program, click on Tools, then click on backup, then download the latest copy of “Update from Master” then also download the latest “Download Updates”. When downloading the latest copy of “Update from Master” look at the dates displayed on the screen. This date should be later than the date displayed at the lower part of the screen (Your last update). You should update your logger from time to time to keep it current with the latest awards and changes to the program. After you update your logger, go to the main menu, click on “View/Edit” a new menu appears, click on “County Hunter”, in the lower left corner, click on “Call”, enter the callsign and view your own account or another operators account. Hopefully all your awards will appear for your viewing under your callsig

Call: AB7RW 11/28/2019

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