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Subject: Some interesting USA-CA statistics (more)

Message: There have been 1268 USA-CA awards issued by CQ Magazine between 15-Aug-1965 and 27-Jul-2019, representing a span of 54 years (or 648 months).

On a smoothed average, the number of USA-CA awards that were issued during this period of time is 23.48/year (or 1.96/month).

The list of 1268 USA-CA awards issued can be further divided up as 1179 US, 50 DX, 34 VE and 5 SWL.

There are a total of 526 silent keys and another 140 who have expired licenses without any other explanation (total 666), divided up as 636 US, 15 DX, 14 VE and 1 SWL.

This leaves 543 US, 35 DX, 20 VE and 4 SWL USA-CA holders remaining not reported as being silent keys or having expired licenses.

Of the very first 119 awards issued during the first 9 years of the USA-CA program (Aug-1965 through Feb-1975), only the following 13 award holders still have current amateur radio licenses, three of whom are still active mobile operators and county hunters:

K1QZV (#7), K4JP (#13), K5DRF (#18), K5KDG (#45), W5VD (#49), NFN (#53), K7NN (#54), WAJRZ (#61), NA5AR (#73), W6TCD (#76), K5FBS (#87), K5VYT (#112) and KARS (#119).

Call: K2MF 1/6/2020

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