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Subject: Y'all are beating around the bush on this one.....

Message: Many reasons stated each have a negative effect on the hobby.... but you know the biggest reason for the decrease in participants was created about 20 years ago when one main individual decided to attack CHers he did not like for one reason or another. There were many, like the "Black Sheep" group who were attacked and not one of the many CHers stood up to the bully and his several sycophants.... These were the mobiles and active guys and gals who were out there every season putting out the counties and as new bands opened up, installed the resonators and ran them. While the new modes remove the personality from the equation of the social side of the hobby, there are many out here.... like me.... who were once very active but have abandoned the hobby because we do not want to invest in the hobby where the members do not stand by other members. The new officers can say that that is not the way it is today.... but after 10+ years of rebuff... I for one left because of it. I know many others out there, still alive and many still with radios, who will not be radioactive for those very reasons. The active people were run off... just that simple. The friends we made were special.... but when you can make contacts with stations while you are nowhere even near your equipment.... the social side is lost. Add all this up and I am almost surprised that there are even a small contingent of you out there who still work the counties. Make no mistake about it.... I enjoyed it and wished I was still active.... but I have found so many other ways to spend my time and money that I do not even wonder how things are any longer... I do miss the friends I made.... too many of them going SK or too sick to even turn a radio on..... but that 800 pound gorilla in the background is the reason so many previously active hams have abandoned County Hunting. Just my 2 cents.

Call: KA3DRO 1/7/2020

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