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Subject: Thanks for reqponse below on Logger runninbg on Windows. I do have another question

Message: Mike, W0UM, is correct. Microsoft no longer supports Windows . Computer orientated people sometimes can't understand that others believe that "if it anit broke, don't fix it". Windows 10 often runs poorly on older machines. Personally, I prefer up-to-date equipment and software. But when I upgraded to Windows 10, my printers would not work because the printers were so old that the drivers were out of date, and were not going to be upgraded. I had to buy several new printers.

This said, I recognize that some people don't have either the computer skill or the money to keep money to keep their computer to upgrade their equipment. I would like to make the software as downward compatible as I can. To do this, I need to test the compatibility issues on older machines, and that is the reason for my previous question.

From both personal emails and the response below, I have determined that it is not uncommon for people to be running Logger on a Windows 7 machine. In the instances reported to me, the Windows 7 machine is a backup, Many times it is laptop which is used during mobile countyhunting trips. The MARAC databases are move to the laptop before leaving on the trip. The laptop is used to log the days qsos each night, and the databases are moved back to the main computer on return. I do this myself.

My new question is whether any countyhunters only use a Windows 7 machine for Logger. I would like to do a poll of countyhunters who only use Windows 7 machines. If you only use Windows 7 for Logger, please respond below or email me.

I received several offers to help dith Logger 2 testing, and I have contacted two to ask for help. Right now, I am limiting the number, but I promise that Logger 2 is not long in the future. Certainly by the time of the Convention in October, it will be operational. That might be a good reason to attend the Convention. I hope to give a major talk kicking off the new software and describing it new features.

Call: K3IMC 5/7/2020

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