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Subject: Congratulations to Bill and Ed! (more)

Message: Several years ago when I was chasing WAC-2 and CW-I, I made the mistake of applying for 9 King Of The Road awards simultaneously for some deserving mobile ops. What I did not know was that this award was not one that could be input easily into the MARAC DB and then have certificates generated automatically.

When I submitted those awards, I unintentionally angered a previous MARAC Awards Manager and he told me in no uncertain terms that, due to lack of interest in this award, it was his intention to propose deleting it at the next Board of Directors meeting. I felt very badly about having done this and apologized profusely to him. I told him to forget about my submissions, but he ended up issuing certificates very shortly thereafter to these 9 mobile operators anyway, which, after having been so angry about this, somewhat surprised me.

What ended up happening at the next MARAC Board of Directors meeting, is that a motion was submitted to eliminate a very similar (but not the King Of The Road) award due to lack of interest in it and it carried. At the time, I felt very badly about this, because I had presumed that I was solely responsible for having caused all of this to happen. I also vowed to myself never to apply for a King Of The Road award again.

This is the first time I have seen an announcement that anyone applied for one of these since I applied for it and I am very glad to see that this award still exists and there is still interest in it. :)

Call: K2MF 1/9/2021

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