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Subject: I know that not having commercial power gets old fast. (more)

Message: You might be surprised at how often the rural communities in the dense forest of northwestern NJ lose power during the normal course of a year. Since all of the service is above ground, we are particularly susceptible to problems at utility poles. And during a summer lightning storm, some transformer somewhere will usually get blown up by a lightning hit and we have to wait for many hours before commercial power is restored.

In 2012, I had already purchased my 8 KW generator, had it in place on the rock bed, and I was waiting for it to be wired into the house panel by the electricians and plumbed by the propane gas company when hurricane Sandy hit us hard in early November. The generator sat there stupid and not doing anything because the installation hadn't been completed. You can imagine how I felt during the 14 days of not having any power at akk after Sandy moved through. That was an unprecedented experience, I hope never to be repeated!

In any event, I am really glad you have some kind of emergency power to keep your food cold and a few lights on while you wait for the commercial power guys to get to your area. I always think back to what I went through after hurricane Sandy and when I do, I realize that overall I am very lucky. I am thinking of you, Ron and hope that you get your commercial power back SOON!!

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