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Subject: This is a really complicated topic and probably boring for most who have no interest (more)...

Message: ... but in short, there is a difference between an email provider that accepts all incoming email for its users and simply punts to their users' spam folders what it *thinks* is spam or dangerous email (gmail is an example of a "blind" provider that does that), and an email provider that temporarily "delays" the reception of your email from a source that it *thinks* may be spamming you because the IP address of the email client that is sending a particular email might be on a black list somewhere or there are "too many" users from that email domain who are subscribed to a particular list (resulting in "too many" simultaneous email connections from that single list for a given message.

These providers never tell their users that they have "delayed" the delivery of email to them, but the mailer daemon at the sending client automatically creates a rejection message that gets sent back to the sender of the email letting them know that the email was never delivered when it receives the rejection code from the MX (mail exchange) server that serves the recipient's domain. There are some providers that did this consistently with managed email distribution lists to which their users are subscribed and their users were never the wiser. It is a *very* insidious practice.

The three largest email providers that do this, or at least used to do this, are AOL (affecting,,, and others), Juno (, and the popular Microsoft email domains (,,,, etc.) Some of them *may* have discontinued this practice, but it is horrible for an email distribution list administrator who receives all of the bounces.

The email addresses that are normally associated with an internet provider that you receive as a courtesy for having internet service through them (,, and any of dozens of others out there) normally are not too restrictive in this regard that I have described above, although sometimes they program filters on their MX servers to do this sort of thing, temporarily which becomes very aggravating to email distribution list administrators, but it usually doesn't last because too many of the users complain when they start not to receive list email that has important information or announcements in them. The really bad thing for those who use these email domains is that if they change internet providers, then they can no longer keep their email addresses so that has to be factored in to how much trouble someone is willing to go through with changing an email address if they want to change their internet provider.

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