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Subject: This Puts a Fly In The Oitment

Message: I don't quite understand all the fuss about sending voice over the Internet and calling it radio or DX. Of course it isn't radio or DX, it's called wireline. Wireline, like DMR, Fusion and most other digital modes is old tech dating back at least 50 years. It has only come to the fore because of the availability of very low cost processors. But why even consider using non-radio modes to reach out to the world when a much better and cheaper alternative is available? That alternative is cell phones! Cell phones are real radio duplex transceivers. Using the latest technologies they transmit and receive at UHF and even low microwave frequencies. They automatically avoid interfering with each other by always selecting the best frequency on the fly. They are so good that you don't even need a license to operate one. How about antennas, you don't see long antennas sticking out of cell phone. Some guys put annoying long antennas on their digital HTs in a futile effort to extend their range - or is it to compensate for something else? Cell phone antenna technology has eliminated that need. The range extension, not the other thing. But the fun doesn't stop there.Cell phones can send voice and data fast. They can take, store and send HD color photos and even movies with sound. Fusion tries to do the photo thing, but lets face it, a blurry picture made up of pixels the size of your thumb is no comparison to what an iPhone can do. How about compatibility? Cell phones are completely compatible. While ham digital technologies struggle with configurations just so they can talk within the same technology, cell phones have conquered that problem. Any brand phone can talk to any other brand, even if they are on different networks.The hurricanes down south this year proved that cell phones are extremely reliable. FCC reports indicated that service was reduced only slightly or not at all in the affected areas. Finally, DXing. Nothing beats a cell phone for DXing. Try it yourself. Just call the Marriott hotel in Beijing. I bet they will answer, and in English, too. You just worked China loud and clear. Who cares about that old radio stuff? Let's start two new leagues, ACPRL - American Cell Phone Relay League and AIRL - American Internet Relay League. That's where the action is.

Call: N4RS 1/28/2018

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