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Subject: Remote Ham

Message: As many of you know, I am one of the "terrible people" who are operating remote. I access my station at my cabin in NW Wisconsin from my house in the Twin Cities. Several months ago with S9 plus noise here at my shack in Minnesota, there was no point in trying to continue to operate from my city location. My city house has many deed restrictions anyway, so it never was a good option in the first place. I do go up to the lake once in a while to work contests but otherwise, any county hunting or hamming I do is originating from Burnett County. Wisconsin via remote. Due to health reasons(I need major back surgery), I rarely get to go on car trips outside of going to the cabin. My wife and I have other health issues, just like most of you, so I am not asking for sympathy, just understanding as to what my life situation is. Apparently, some of you think I am not a person of integrity by using remote radio. In my mind, I am not getting any younger and it allows me to stay connected with the hobby I love and I have been active since 1965. The years I spent as MARAC President and board member were easily the finest years of my ham radio life, What great times we had and there were so many friends I enjoyed working on the air and seeing at our conventions. It saddens me that so many of those friends are now SK. Many of you already know about my remote ham radio activity and some of you are just learning now. If you dont want to work me and think I am some kind of cheater by doing this, please let me know, and I will not make the mistake of working you again. I am not an award chaser anymore, right now it seems unlikely that I will add to my county hunter award collection again, but if that is the case, I am ok with that. For the rest of my dear Ham Radio friends, I look forward to continuing my contacts and conversations with you. I know that there are many hams and county hunters who find themselves without access to a full time home shack anymore and I am so glad that there is an option for us to do so. I mostly just listen now and it fills me with joy to be able do so. Lastly if you dont want to work me anymore or want to chew me out for using remote radio, I would prefer you email me at instead of by doing so on this forum. 73 and remember each day is a blessing...

Call: WEAR 1/28/2018

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